Monday, 30 April 2012

Roman City of Saintes

Just 40 minutes from White Shutters is the city of Saintes with its very well preserved Gallo Roman amphitheatre affording magnificent views of the city and cathedral. Saintes is very manageable in size;  walk by the river, enjoy a boat ride and visit the Roman Museum (included with your amphitheatre entrance), cool off in the cathedral and enjoy pavement caf├ęs!  There are many good restaurants, perhaps stop off on the way back from the coast or islands?  We enjoyed an afternoon out here at Easter, the amphitheatre in particular would be a great picnic spot, a reasonable €2 for adult entry. Saintes Tourist Information
The tunnel above was a bit spooky, apparently this is where the dead bodies were hauled off to, not where lions were released from as we told our girls!

 Saintes Cathedral, an oasis of calm and coolness.