Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Shabby Shutters are no more!!

White Shutters finally has white shutters!  We had recently been feeling we should have named our house "Shabby Shutters"as les volets needed repairing, stripping and painting and there was also one brown pair.  Although the dream was always blue shutters, in true Charente-Maritime style, we kept the original "blanc"colour as they are pretty big, and we have called our dream White Shutters, they look so fresh against the dark green Virginia Creeper.  Changing colour and name is just too complicated now......wooden shutters are authentic but my goodness they take a lot of repair, prepping and painting 2-3 coats on each, I have a secret inkling that the very authentic looking uPVC ones would have been so much easier, but traditional wood is still best. 
They are made of hardwood and very heavy, it was interesting getting them off their hinges upstairs, and even more interesting getting them back on 10 days later. Three people, one climbing rope and an awful lot of choice language. Thank goodness the weather has been stunning this Easter.

White Shutters is well and truly ready for the 2011 season now, the pool is sparkling, geraniums planted and a wood burner looks quite stately in the salon.

The pool is gorgeous, as we were swimming in it Easter Weekend, once it had been opened up and cleaned and heated up for the husband.  We do have limited availability in May, one week in early July and September/October is available, please see the website for up to date availability.  Variable length holidays are no problem in May and September.
Can someone please let me know if the hammock is comfy, I never did get to try it out!